Athlete Profile: Mike Rafferty

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Mike did Foundations 1 with us on October 31st, finished the rest of the Foundations in the next 12 days…and then started right into our 5 day a week programming. His first week and a half of CrossFitting has included some of the major CrossFit benchmark workouts like the 5000m row, Cindy, Christine, and Daniel. Impressively he did most of those as prescribed (in this case meaning he did unassisted pullups). That is impressive… but what we really like about Mike is the heart that he puts into his workouts. This guy works hard. Although we should have known this was coming when he literally went green after the 2000m row in Foundations.

In yesterday morning’s regular class we realized the extent of Mike’s drive. On several occasions this week he admitted to being extremely sore and “almost didn’t make it today”…. but here he was at 9am after working until 1am ready to complete the last day of this week’s programming.
Yesterday’s workout was a hero workout named Daniel. Krista, Troy and Mike had to complete (either modified or as prescribed):

50 pullups
400m run
21 95#thrusters (front squat to push press)
800m run
21 95# thrusters
400m run
50 pullups

He didn’t scale any of the movements and finished in 22ish minutes with a slight break in the last set of pullups to tape up his hands that were opening up on him.


The energy in the gym with Troy and Krista also giving it everything made the whole thing fairly exciting from our perspective. It’s really amazing to watch people give 100% effort to something. I don’t find that there are very many situations in life that so much effort is visible.

Jesse helping with hand maintenance!

Jesse helping with hand maintenance!

It took a few…uh… moments after the workout for Mike to start smiling again… but he left looking just as stoked as he does every day.

We are loving the effort that everyone in Foundations and regular classes is putting in…be it working towards a stable airsquat, trying to get a first pullup, or finishing the workouts as prescribed. Everyone has a story and a goal. There are quite a few of you that I could have written a little story about today.


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