May Anniversaries and Small (but fun) Pieces of News

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* Vicki S.
* John S.

That’s it. May=no Foundations month typically. But since we are here we might as well mention the 1 month people 🙂 Fresh out of Foundations and in regular classes are:

* Vicki H.
* Gage
* Hazel
* Aliesha
* Jasmine

Make sure you give them a hand if they look a little lost. They are the first group of Foundationers in the new gym! The comment I hear a lot of lately is that it seems like there are a lot of new people. The truth is that there aren’t that many new people, you are all just getting mixed up in classes and overlapping more than you are used to. Fun right?

In other news:

1. Has anyone noticed how the kinders are sprouting up?!

2. Is there anyone who hasn’t yet noticed Kevin crushing his wods from his wheelchair (I wish a had a photo to go along with this comment)? Mods = no big deal.

3. This picture says it all.

Happy start of June soon 🙂