Lottery for next Foundations Classes

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Is anyone else tired from just watching the CrossFit games this weekend? Anyone else been doing pistols in their living room?

So here is the deal… we have had a lot of interest in Foundations over the last few months. Lots of you have been asking on behalf of friends or family when we will be holding the next set of classes. We have decided that we are able to do another round starting next week before our personal schedules (courses etc) in August make it hard to fit them in. We are going to put 8 people through this time and we will determine who goes through based on a lottery. This is the only fair way that we can think of doing it. If you have someone who is interested they need to EMAIL ME at before THURSDAY, 22nd (this week) with their full name and phone number. I will do the lottery that night and contact people on Friday.

The class schedule will look like this:

Tuesday, July 27th, 7:45pm Foundations 1 : ABSOLUTELY mandatory
Thursday, July 29th, 6:45pm Foundations 2
Sunday, August 1st, 6pm Foundations 3
Tuesday, August 3rd, 7:45pm Foundations 4
Thursday, August 5th, 6:45pm Foundations 5
Sunday, August 8th, 6pm Foundations 6

You must attend all classes, if you need to miss one you must let us know ahead of time and schedule a personal training session to make the class up (doesn’t have to be before the next class though). For more information about foundations please read the getting started page on our site.

Please let anyone know who is interested!


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