Loggers Sports

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Interview with Bryan Couture from jesse bifano on Vimeo.

Last year we did our Loggers Sports day after Squamish Days weekend (July 28th-31st); this year it’s happening tomorrow, a week ahead of Squamish Days. If you weren’t there last year here’s how class looks for tomorrow:

Skills: Axe throw, Burling, Choker set.

WOD: Team WOD:)

So we’re clear: All Saturday Morning classes will be down at the Loggers Sports Grounds. Things you will need are:

Cloths to get wet in
Cloths to change into after getting wet
Water booties (if you’ve got them)

*No dogs please (as requested by Bryan and crew)

**Also if you’re planning on competing next weekend I would like to have everyone registered by the last class tomorrow morning. It’s $5/event and I’ll have forms for you to fill out.

This is a very special and unique opportunity, don’t let it pass you by while it’s so close at hand. We’re lucky to live in Squamish and participate in the history of not only this town but our province. “I’ll do it next year” makes you sound like everyone else. Making it happen sets you apart.