Loggers Sports. It’s go time!

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This Thursday, Thursday, Thursday Logger Sports training begins. Listed below are the events we’ll be focusing on over the next 6 weeks. Any or all of you are invited to come practise:

Birling: “A definite crowd favourite, birling (also known as log rolling) is the event everyone knows about without ever having gone to a loggers sports show. Both men and women compete in this exciting competition where two people battle it out while keeping their balance rolling on a 15-inch diameter log in a pond of water. The winner of a match is the person who manages to force the other competitor off balance causing him or her to fall into the water. With a two-minute time limit for each match, the winner is determined by whoever wins two out of three matches. The match starts with birling on a 15-inch log and if no one wins after two minutes then a 13-inch log is used. If the match continues with no winner, once again the log is replaced with an even smaller 12-inch log.”

Chokerman’s Race: “In a head to head battle, two contestants race across logs secured in the birling pond carrying a 34-kilogram, eight-metre-long standard rigging choker; and this is just the start. Once clear of the frigid waters they must jump across two log obstacles and tie the choker to a dummy pole, and then they are required to dash back to where they started to end the race in the midst of laughter and cheers from the audience.”

Axe Throw: “Bull’s eye is the name of the game for the Axe Throwing event where contestants throw a double-bladed axe at a 36-inch target sitting five feet off the ground. Each contestant stands 20 feet from the targe and gets four throws; one for practice, and three to total their score. A bull’s eye is worth five points with the remaining rings decreasing in value to a single point. Any part of the axe stuck in the target counts, as long as it sticks.”

Critical info:

Training sessions will be held on Thursday nights from 4:45-6:30 (replacing open gym for the following 6 weeks).

The date of the actual events will be July 30th for all our competitors, though festivites will run the whole weekend (July 28th-31st).

You can still come and train even if you don’t want to compete. There’s always next year:)

Things you will need for Thursday night: clothes to get wet in (including boots or shoes), change of cloths, and a towel.

Things I would recommend: a $7 pair or water moccasins from Canadian Tire.

The weather will determine what we work on for skills, you may or may not be in the pond this week.

Post questions to comments, otherwise we’ll talk more on Thursday. This is a great event and a crazy fun weekend. I would really like to see everyone who has any interest come and check it out. Last year I competed on 5 hours of training with no instructions. It’s a great tie to the roots of Squamish and the history of our province (this year will be the 54th annual).


A big thanks to Bryan Couture and Andrew Smith for helping get this all going for us.

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