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The following is a list of our fall semester for all kids and teens programs at CrossFit Squamish/Squamish Barbell. Our most up to date class lists have been confirmed with payment. Remaining spots are first come first serve via email (including the info requested below) to Heather at!


MINIS (3-4 years old) *** FULL FOR THIS SEMESTER ***
Thursdays 4:30-5pm, Ellen
Starts Thursday Sept. 14th for 14 weeks
$168 + GST = $174.40
* Minis will focus on a fun and positive gym experience while at the same time coaching them on body control and basic physical literacy. We will work on running, jumping, body weight movements and basic odd object management (push, pull, drag and carry!). This class will include skills, games, team work and task/time priority workouts. So fun!
* First come first serve via


PRE-TEEN BOYS (9-12 years old) *** FULL FOR THIS SEMESTER ***
Wednesdays 5:30-6:15pm, Jesse/Parky
Starts Wednesday, Sept. 13th for 14 weeks
$168 + GST= $176.40
* Pre teens boys will focus on developing age appropriate physical literacy. We use both body weight movements and weighted movements (prioritizing technique and mechanics rather than load) to develop power output and motor control in these young athletes. Workouts will be varied, inclusive, and fun.
* Jesse and Parky both have experience competing for both CrossFit and Powerlifting. Jesse has a background in distance running as well as rock climbing. Parky comes from a competitive hockey background.


TEENS LIFTING (and optional CrossFit conditioning day) – (13-17 years old coed)*** FULL FOR THIS SEMESTER.. regular classes available ***
Monday and Wednesday lifting class 3:45-4:45pm, optional CrossFit day Tuesday, Friday or Saturday in with regular CrossFit classes, Jesse/Parky
Starts Monday, Sept. 11th for 14 weeks
1, 2 or 3 day commitment option for the 14 weeks ($168, $308, $420 + GST respectively)
* Teens lifting will focus on transitioning athletes through the early stages of lifting technique and mechanics to building the strength and skill set to move heavier loads once they have demonstrated proficiency and safety skills. Sessions will include: major lifts (Back Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, Snatch, Clean and Jerk), midline stability work, accessory movements, and good times. Teens will also have the option of joining a regular class for conditioning work each week. Teens have worked in well with the adult classes over the summer months each year and this option provides maximum flexibility of scheduling for their conditioning day.
*** 8 spots remain (see requirements below)

JAYDE’S GIRLS (9-12 years old) *** FULL FOR THIS SEMESTER ***

JAYDE’S GIRLS (13-17 years old) ***FULL FOR THIS SEMESTER ***
Tuesday and Thursdays 5:15-6:15pm, Jayde
Starts Tuesday, Sept 12th for 14 weeks
$336 + GST = $352.80
* A group designed for young girls to develop and improve as athletes. Whether its cross training for another sport or training just because! Developing strength, speed, endurance and coordination, all while working along side one other. Building self confidence and motivating each other to work hard. These girls will be physically challenged for sure but there will always be time for some playful moments and some fun!

*** All new 9-17 year olds are required to complete our 2 day Foundations session Saturday Sept 9th and Sunday Sept 10th at 11:30am (or via an alternate private arrangement). Cost: $20 for the two sessions based on group pricing.
Available spots are first come first serve via email to (email must include name, age, created Mindbody account username, CC on account if possible). We will keep a waitlist once the maximum number of kids has been reached. Spots are confirmed with payment.