Let the Games Begin

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A long road comes to an end this weekend as CrossFit athletes from around the world gather at the Home Depot Center in Los Angeles to compete in the 2010 CrossFit Games. As many of you may recall we played our small role in this event back in March, hosting the Sectional Qualifier (the first round of cuts). From Sectionals held around the world successful athletes went on to compete in a Regional Qualifier (for Canadians this was a national event). From the 13 Regionals held around the world only a precious few make the cut to compete in California, 50 men and 50 women. This year the number of workouts, time frame, and content are still unknown, and each event will be released upon completion of the last. Opening Ceremonies begin at 6:20pm tomorrow, with the first individual event beginning at 7:05. Beyond that all remains a mystery. What you can count on though it great coverage:

“This production will be unlike anything CrossFit fans have seen before. You’ll get over 30 hours of live HD coverage and analysis”. “Thirteen different cameras will bring you live action from every single heat of every single event, putting you right on the arena floor with the athletes. Slow-motion instant replays and highlight reels will showcase our sport as the footage is broadcast to fans all over the world.
You will be there when Event Director Dave Castro reveals the events one hour before they occur. We’ll also take you behind the scenes into the athlete staging and warmup areas. You’ll see candid interviews with the athletes, teams, coaches and special guests, plus regular debates and discussions at our Analyst Desk hosted by Pat Sherwood, Josh Everett and Caity Matter Henniger.” (from the CrossFit Games website)

If your looking for people to cheer on from BC look for Alicia Connors (CrossFit Taranis), and Garth Prouse (CrossFit Lions). Both athletes began their journey a little over 3 months ago here in Squamish, competing at the BC Secionals.

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