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This video is great (but if skinless bodies give you the heebs don’t watch it). Gil Hedley is a bit of a nut (a smart one). Jesse and I have been known to like nuts.

He is talking about myofascial adhesions, the connective tissue that surrounds muscles and connects them. A lot of you have a lot of “fuzz” and slowly but surely we are breaking it down (for those of you who get massage, it’s the work that is done without oil).

On another note, there seems to be a little bit of a “squamish mono” going around…. between the clinic and teaching, I do a fair bit of information gathering and it seems that there is a vague, hard to describe, non-specific bug going around. If the following symptoms sound familiar to you in the last week you are definitely not alone:

1. Feeling really really tired after a workout…and then never really feeling recovered (disproportionate to the perceived effort of the workout).
2. General aches that seem somewhat activity related but don’t seem to relieve with stretching and rest.
3. Sleeping… alot… or at least feeling like you need to. (naps even though you slept the full night… sorry new moms, I know that sounds completely outrageous.)
4. Your old aches and pains/injuries seem slightly more irritable than usual.
5. This goes on for a pile of days with no real sense of going away.

Listen to your body, sleep when you get the chance to… DON’T eat sugar even though it’s probably what you want the most right now, up the fish oils, up the hydration, take an extra rest day if you need it, and approach your workouts with a reasonable expectation of yourself (you are not likely to PR things if your body is fighting something).

And on a final housekeeping note… please please please do your best to cancel out of 6 and 7am classes before 10pm (too tired is NOT a good enough excuse). We have had many middle of the night or very early a.m. cancellations lately which just isn’t fair when there is a person on the waitlist who is already in bed when they get the email. Thanks.

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