Kale: Not Just Delicious Greens.

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We were waiting for a good chance to blog about Kale and since yesterday was his 18th birthday it seems like the perfect time! Happy Birthday Kale!

The reason we want to mention Kale is that he was our first ever CrossFit Kid at the age of 13. He came to 6am classes with John and Paula and rolled with the adult crew like it was no big deal (his witty humour actually far surpasses most of us). We have learned a lot from Kale.

This June he graduated from high school and was valedictorian. Word on the street was that his speech couldn’t have been more authentically him. Kale has a strong charisma and amazing attention to detail. He is an incredible artist and has been accepted to the Emily Carr University of Art and Design for the fall. His same attention to detail shows in all of his movements in the gym. He has always put effort into moving really well and recently jerked 215# beautifully… we are guessing he might be the only person in his university class that can do that.

Thanks Kale for spending your teenage years growing inside our gym, we certainly have enjoyed having you around 🙂 We wish you so much success in the next part of your growth and learning!

xo Heather, Jesse and the rest of CFS

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