Just 12 Months Ago…

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It’s hard not to feel a blend of nostalgia and patriotism in reference to the 2010 WInter Olympics. It was a dream that started in 1998, became a reality in 2003, and then came to fruition last year. It’s seems so quick that a year has already gone by. Sitting at my computer with the windows shaking from the rain and wind, it’s also hard not to long for the weather we had last Feb. (check out the sky in the background). BUT, we’re a stones throw from better days. Hang on, and enjoy the your skis, the TV and video games, because in a couple months it’s going to be kites, climbing gear, and mountain bikes (or maybe just your running shoes if you have signed yourself up for a ridiculously long running event).

Also, congrats to:

Amber P
and Jamie

As of Feb. 1st they’ve been CrossFitting for 12months. It only gets better from here!