July 24-25 Weekend Updates

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The weekend started off in style on Friday with the first official CrossFit Squamish Short Shorts Friday. We had about 30% participation over the course of 6 classes (including Lesley, Karen and then Nils who were lucky enough to wear my spare pair… that I continued to cut shorter with each wear). I was very impressed with this turnout. From the sounds of it, the people who were “uncertain” this week are coming back with a vengeance next week.

In case you missed it… here is a recap:




Today started off with the usual Saturday morning classes immediately followed by the usual trip to the farmer’s market where you run into every single CrossFitter. Meanwhile, we had 3 people race the Gearjammer. Nick, Brad and Jesse all finished in really great times and were actually smiling (which I found interesting after having worked at the finish chute at the Test of Metal). It was pretty cute when Brad crossed the line that the announcer said that Brad Walkey has been doing secret CrossFit Training.

IMG_0043(which one of these things is not like the other??!!)

And Cathy went back to working at the timing table shortly after this photo was taken… or so she says… 😉


And we are only half way through this glorious weekend!

Enjoy your Sunday. See you Monday!

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