“Jayde’s Girls: Performance Group” – Open spaces starting in October!

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“Jayde’s Girls” is a young girls performance training group for girls 10-13 years old on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:45pm-4:45pm at CrossFit Squamish.


This is a new program (since last spring) for young girls wanting to add specific gym training to their routine to help improve performance in their individual sports. Its a small group enabling more one on one attention and is programmed with performance as a priority (as compared to our regular CrossFit Kids classes that are more broad and general in programming). In an effort to reduce the group personal training cost for these girls we are opening up the session to a few more girls but the goal is to keep the format more like group personal training than a large class.

* Next 4 week session starts Tuesday Oct 14th


This 1 hour class is programmed to help young girls develop, build, and improve on skills that will help them with their sports and lives outside of the gym. The classes focus on a range of skills including safe strength training, gymnastics, balance, speed, power, agility, endurance and… of course some time for fun as well! The girls are expected to work hard and understand their training. This is a program that requires attention and effort.


“10 years after highschool I am more involved in a sport than I ever have been. I found CrossFit 3 years ago and it re kindled the competitive athlete in me. Some pieces came naturally to me and others I have had to work on harder than I ever could have imagined. I compete for CrossFit at a national level in Canada and have goals to compete on the world stage. My athletic journey feels like it has just begun again. Not everyone has the opportunity to feel so strongly about a sport that it can make you smile, feel proud, scream for joy, and other days break you down and make you want to cry. I feel lucky to have that passion for sport and want to enable others to grow up and feel the same. From each training session, whether good or bad, you gain something and move forward to become a better stronger you.

My goal with this group is to help young girls realize how much they are capable of, ask them to push themselves, make goals and work hard to become better at the sports they love. Becoming a better athlete inside and outside of the gym can be challenging but it is possible to keep it fun. There are so many pieces to being better and starting at a young age can be a huge advantage; and I think it is really important for young girls to have female athletes as role models. I want young girls to grow up always involved in some kind of sport, or doing something they feel passionate about!”


If this program sounds great for a little girl you know please contact and give us a little info about her background, current and past sports and goals! Pricing depends on the number of girls in the group. Contact us for more information.

– Heather & Jayde