January schedule hiccup & reminder about Pelvic Floor info session

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1. In January while we are away from the 19-26th Steve will be teaching a block of classes each day (alternating morning and evening). We have set each of these classes to hold a capacity of 12 people. In order to do this I had to actually create “new” classes on the schedule (with capacities of 12 rather than 10) and I cancelled the existing ones for that week (ie I cancelled the existing Monday 6:00am and replaced it with a 12 capacity Monday 6:00am class.). I had to do this because if I just changed the capacity to 12 for that week it actually changes it for every single week that the time slot is scheduled. When I did this I transferred all the people who were already registered for those classes into the new version of it, so if you were already registered for one of these you won’t notice a difference.

The reason I am explaining all of this is that if you have a long duration pass and are registering to come, for example, every Tuesday at 4:30pm until the end of your pass, you will find that there will be a gap in your schedule on that week. You will need to go to that specific week and sign up for each class that you want individually there.

So to double recap (for those that like to hear it said in yet another way 😉 ), if you are signing up for all of your classes beyond the end of January, make sure that you actually are signed in for some classes the week of January 19-26th!

2. Don’t forget that Angela Simpson is coming to the gym on Sunday, December 4th at 6:30pm to do an information session on Pelvic Floor retraining following injury or childbirth. Sign up on Mindbody.