January 23-24th Weekend Updates

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1. Jesse has posted two lists at the front of the gym by the log books. One is for the bison order and the other is for the men’s hoodie order. The hoodie to try on is hanging on the hooks. Don’t confuse it with the other 5 abandoned shirts.

2. Please claim your abandoned shirts on the hooks at the front of the gym. I am eyeing up a couple of them.

3. I have 2 extra Medium women’s hoodies if anyone is interested. $90. First come first serve.

4. Just to clarify the waitlist situation…. if you are signed up for a class waitlist, please monitor your email as this is how you will be notified if you get in. If you get this notification you must confirm with us ASAP if you would still like the spot. It has all been working reasonably well, we just need to know if you no longer want the spot so we can let the next person know. If you sign up for another class in the mean time, and don’t want the waitlist spot please remove yourself from it so the whole process goes a little faster if someone cancels out.

The new schedule next week should alleviate a lot of this. Thanks for your patience!

5. Starting Saturday the 13th of February there will be 3 Saturday morning regular classes. 8:15am, 9:30am and 10:45. Anyone who was registered for the 9am on or after that date is now in the 8:15. Change it if you need to. We weren’t able to change these classes until this date because there were already people signed into the Foundations 1 for those days, which would conflict…. Foundations 1 is going to move to Sunday afternoons.

6. Good work this week…seems like we made you forget the early week rowing with some jumping competitions later on…

The majority of the carnage happened in the 9:30am class (after I promised the 6:15ers that the “risk vs. consequence assessment” was quite reasonable).

Check this out…

Have a good weekend!