It’s that Loggers Sports Time of the Year

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Events and summer plans are all coming hard and fast these days, and Loggers Sports is no exception. I’d like to get as many people involved as possible this year. It’s a great event, part of our local history, and a really fun day. Note that spending a little time throwing axes, running logs, and other Loggers Sports badassery certainly doesn’t harm your street credit.

What you can do with a little bit of giddi up but limited or no experience:

Campfire Showdown (Thursday August 1st at On The Farm)
Axe Throw
Birling (log rolling)
Chokermans Race

What you can do with some saw experience:

Stock Saw
Obsticle Pole Buck

How to get involved:
-I’ll have forms at the gym as of tonight (they all need to be in by this Friday July 26th)
-Cost is $5/event (prize money is usually $500-1st, $250-2nd, $150-3rd), in the last couple years CrossFit Squamish has place in the top three of many events with limited training
-If you need equipment: the gym has 2 throwing axes available, and there are multiple pairs of shoes around for birling, chokerman, OP. ASK if you have any other equipment related questions.

This Sunday morning (July 28th) 9:30-11 all CrossFitters who signed up are invited to come down and train. Previous competitors will be there to assist, and equipment will be available (note: you need to be signed up prior to this, see above). If you want to train this week come talk to me, as of next Monday competitors are down there most every night practicing and all you need to do is show up with your (or the gyms) equipment. Everyone is super friendly and eager to help new athletes get started. This is a rare opportunity and well worth the challenge.

New This Year:
On The Farm has organized a Team (2 people) Kettle Boil event for Thursday night. Andrew and myself competed at this last year in Campbell River and it was the funnest Logger Sports event we did. Teams will show up with their own axe/knife/hatchet/etc and will be supplied 3 matches, a block of wood, and a can of soapy water. The teams will then race head to head to be the first to boil the water over the top of the can. The poster with all the details is up at the gym, but given this is a Rest Day and we’re an outdoors community I say game on. Side wagers anyone?

The last line of CrossFit’s “World Class Fitness in 100 Words”: “Regularly learn and play new sports.”

Squamish is the best place to live in BC, get out there and do what we do.