Introducing Dr. Paul Greenwood BKIN DC

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In the midst of all the physical changes at CFSQ we are also extremely excited to announce that chiropractor Dr. Paul Greenwood is starting with us in the CFSQ clinic (which is definitely going in the new space with us to answer our most common FAQ!).  He will be starting one day a week (on November 9th!) and building his practice as it fills.  Check out his bio below, we think he’ll be a great fit for our crew and his experience as an athlete will compliment the coaching and treatments currently available.



Paul is excited to join our team and provide Chiropractic with a rehabilitation focus. He understands that efficient movement is important to residents of the sea to sky corridor (and in particular those training in the gym) to pursue their latest goal or project. Paul’s aim is to analyze and determine movement faults that create dysfunction. Using manual therapy treatments such as active muscle release, joint manipulation and therapeutic exercises Paul will work with patients to achieve their goals.

Paul received a bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia and his Chiropractic degree from the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon. He has spent the last two years in private practice in Vancouver focusing on difficult acute and chronic spine conditions. Prior to this Paul’s background is in alpine ski racing and coaching. His time spent in ski racing showed him the importance of preventing and effectively rehabbing injury. It also gave him invaluable experience training athletes on snow, in the gym and in the field.

Paul wishes to help CrossFit Squamish bridge the gap between passive manual therapy and active rehabilitation. His goals are in line with the current relationship between the CrossFit Squamish clinic and the coaching environment.


Talk to us if you have questions about how this might fit into your overall training plan.  Paul and I share a similar mindset that the efficacy of a health care practitioner is less about the title of their discipline, and more about their willingness to listen to the patient’s story, watch their movement and work with them to problem solve and correct patterns of dysfunction.  We strongly believe that soft tissue work is critical as part of our treatment plans, especially for people using and training their soft tissue system the way we do at the gym!

There is a new tab on Mindbody for Chiropractic and you can find Paul’s introductory availability on Wednesday mornings from 7am-12pm starting November 9th.