Improvements in the Mindbody online scheduler/store

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I was on the phone with Mindbody for an hour this morning and I think the result is good! You will notice now that when you go to the “buy” tab to pay for your passes, things should make a little more sense. There are tabs at the top right to choose from and hopefully the distinction is more clear. One says “drop in, memberships and appointments”. This is if you want to buy a drop-in, 10 pass, membership of any length (1, 3, 6 month, or year), Massage Therapy, or personal training.

The next tab over is for “Autorenewing Memberships”. You can now use this tab if you would like to pay for any length of membership and then have the system automatically bill your card each time it runs out. This can be for a 1 month membership, or any of the longer ones. It is technically called a contract but you can cancel it at anytime (once the “in use” period of time is over). For example, you may only want to pay for one month at a time, but know that you want to come for several months. Setting up this contract will allow the system bill you every month, but if you want to stop it at any time you can once the month that you are in is over. This setup just makes it so that you don’t have to continually renew your pass, as it will automatically be done.

You will also now notice that when you buy a new pass for a month it won’t tell you that you have 1000 visits, it should correspond to the length of pass that you have bought…

Ironing out the kinks….
If you have any questions about any of this send me an email.

This picture is of Chris and Jesse on our New Years Day ski tour before the mountain gave us 3 small warnings to go home….at least we got to slog up!


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