Important schedule changes!

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FYI: Jesse and I are sometimes a little ambitious. A good example of this was thinking that we were going to pull off Friday classes this week (the day before the wedding). We have a great sub in coach for you guys that we are excited to have visit sometime soon. We originally thought he might come this week, but this Friday turns out not to be the best time for him; so we are going to save that for another better time. Sorry for the last minute cancellation of Friday’s classes. We WILL however have a special at home treat wod for you to accomplish on Friday. And on Saturday we are doing a workout at the farm to kick off wedding morning…. and you can do it at home too! Fun right? Like last time, we will post them the night before and you can post your times to comments.

Another couple of schedule changes to be aware of are around Thanksgiving weekend. We will be going to a course at CrossFit Colosseum in Toronto (and then sneaking home for a couple of Thanksgiving’s at my parents home’s. I’m almost 5 years overdue on my Ontario trips!! eek). The schedule the week before and after will look like this:

Monday, Oct 4th- normal classes
Tuesday, Oct 5th- normal classes
Wednesday, Oct 6th- normal classes
Thursday, Oct 7th- REGULAR CLASSES ALL DAY at all regular times

Friday, Oct 8th- REST DAY- all classes cancelled

Saturday, Oct 9th- will be given a wod to do at home
Sunday, Oct 10th- will be given a wod to do at home

Monday, Oct 11- REST DAY- eat lots of turkey
Tuesday, Oct 12- REST DAY- all classes cancelled

Wednesday, Oct 13- normal classes
Thursday, Oct 14- REGULAR CLASSES ALL DAY at regular times
Friday, Oct 15- normal classes
Saturday, Oct 16- normal classes

*** If you were registered in a Friday the 8th class, you are now in the Thursday the 7th class.
*** If you were registered in a Tuesday the 12th class, you are now in the Thursday the 14th class.
Adjust your schedule as needed. Thanks for your understanding with all the busy stuff going on these days. Let us know if you have any concerns!

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