Important Schedule Changes and Change to Camp Summit Weekend

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As we move into fall there are some important changes to note on our schedule:

1. The CrossFit Squamish/Camp Summit weekend is being postponed. We had a huge amount of interest but didn’t realize that people had so many summer type events and commitments into September. We want this to be a really fun weekend and think that postponing it until spring will be more inclusive and create a better “camp” vibe. We apologize (really sincerely, trust me… I LOVE camp) to those of you who were keen on it this time around. We promise to make it happen in the spring. Stay tuned for dates.

2. Because we were planning on doing the gym WOD at camp that Saturday I had cancelled the 4 morning classes that weekend. Now those classes are back on the schedule but unfortunately I can’t restore the class lists that were in there so you will have to re-sign in. Thanks… and again… sorry 🙁

3. Starting in October we are adding a 1:45pm class on Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Friday’s. There is less class congestion on Wednesday’s because the comp team is on rest day so for now its just the other three days. Hopefully this time will work for some of the 9:30am and 4:30pm people. My advisers tell me this is just the right time to finish and go pick up the kids from school right after class.

4. Also in October you will see Slater on a regular schedule. The afternoon/evenings at the gym are now 6 classes (including the highschool class) so often this will be broken into two different coaching shifts. It will mix things up for you guys a little and allow us to see a bigger variety of athletes throughout the week. We are really excited to have Slater on board with us regularly now 🙂

That’s all for now!


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