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This has come up in recent days in a couple different ways as it pertains to muscle soreness, or the quirky acronim DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) which makes anyone feel clever using it in a sentance. For example “DOMS… nothing a little ibuprofen can’t take care of.” Wrong-o anonamous, ibuprofen taken for muscle soreness is:

1. A little weak. Muscle soreness is all part of the package, grit your teeth and tighten your belt. You’ll be ok.
2. May not be having the effect on your body that you imagine it does. I forgot about this article until the other day but it’s definitely worth the read. Get off the Ibuprofen People by Kelly Starrett of CF San Fransico.

So what can you do for muscle soreness? Like Kelly mentions in the article, your best bet initially is to focus on recovery (nutrition, hydration, sleep), stretching, and ice (as required), then getting moving again (within 24 hrs.). A simple addition is a recovery WOD (this can be done on your own or on a Thursday open gym). Your objective in a recovery WOD should be to “turn the body over”. I use the sled for this, and keep the duration under 20 minutes (total), though the erg or a bike would also be effective. You could also combine a couple body weight movements together the same way you would in your warm up. Give it a try and let me know.