Holiday monday housekeeping!

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Just to let you all know, the class schedule is now posted online up until November. It is likely that people are going to come out of the woodwork in the fall so if you are needing a particular time, it’s probably best if you sign yourself up for those times.

If you are in a 1, 3 or 6 month pass and you purchase another one to get you into the schedule beyond your expiry date, ignore the expiry date of the new pass as it will autocorrect based on the first day that you use it.

If your pass is an “autorenew” pass, please don’t purchase another type of pass without cancelling the autorenew! We have had several people purchase a secondary pass not realizing that the system is going to bill them automatically when the other one runs out. If you are on autorenew pass, the system will allow you to sign up for classes beyond your pass expiry by clicking on “register unpaid” once you clicked on the sign up button.

And we have finally compiled a list of FAQs of policy related stuff for the gym (passes on hold, parking etc). You can find this on the home page at the bottom of the tabs if you are curious.

Hope you are enjoying your holiday Monday!

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