Holiday Class Schedule Info

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What you need to know:

– All classes are as per usual until this Saturday.
– Monday there are regular classes on a limited schedule (there is a 6am now so 6amers don’t leave Jayde hanging!)
– Christmas Eve (Tuesday) and Christmas Day (Wednesday) the gym is closed
– Boxing Day (Thursday) there is an open gym in the evening
– Friday (27th), Saturday (28th) and Monday (30th) are regular classes
– New Years Eve (Tuesday) is the New Years Football total so sign into the adjusted class schedule. We will add more as needed.
– New Years Day (Wednesday) there is an open gym from 10am-12pm
– Thursday the 2nd is a regular Open Gym in the evening
– Friday the 3rd everything goes back to normal 🙂
– CrossFit Kids Winter Semester starts on Thursday the 9th for Monster Minis and Saturday the 11th for Minis.