History in the Making

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Olympic fever has definitely hit. I have never seen so many people out walking around town (notably with skis outside the OP). Jesse and I went up to the Olympic Park yesterday and watched the ski jumping. It was pretty amazing to be a part of the crowd. It felt VERY multinational. I really had no idea that the Polish had so much spirit.

Today when I was picking up groceries in Nesters I stood with a small crowd by the deli section to watch Alex Bilodeau win Canada’s first ever gold on home turf. I tried to call and text Jesse at the gym to tell him but the network was so busy that the messages wouldn’t go through. Olympics lover or “hater”, you have to admit that’s a pretty sweet moment. It was just a matter of timing who earned the first gold, but the beauty of the moment really lies in the story behind Alex and his family… If you didn’t watch the CTV interview with Alex and his family tonight I highly recommend that you track it down and watch it. It’s an amazing story.