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Benchmark workouts are a way of measuring our progress and knowing where we currently stand. They are combinations of movements and rep schemes that measure different aspects of your work capacity by challenging your technique/skills, energy pathways, and will. It is often through benchmark workouts that we can learn the most about how to improve. They are all very different, and the names given to them vary. Some are named after veteran CrossFitters, or given women’s names like storms are (called: “Girl WODS”, ie. Eva), some describe the feeling experience during the workout (ie. Fight Gone Bad as BJ Penn describe it), and some are named after military and emergency services personal who have lost there lives in the in the line of duty (called: “Hero WODs”, ie. Murph named after Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy). This Wednesday’s workout will be a hero WOD of your choosing. We’ll have a list and description for each one, and as always they can be scaled to keep you moving safely, efficiently, and effectively.
This past weekend Heather, Troy, and myself together with Nils, Susan, Nick, and Martin (CrossFit Whistlerites), + random guy ran Haney to Harrison. It took us 8:00:39 putting us in 7th out of 57 mixed teams and 35/236 teams. We had a really great time and look forward to being able to get more of us from Squamish out to different events as we continue to grow. On a side note: running is not nearly as bad when you don’t have to Overhead Squat, or Kettlebell Swing at the end of it. You just run, and then when your done running… that’s it!IMG_0497 If this was a band who would be the drummer?

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