Have a great weekend!

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Congrats on a big week with sore arms. From the sounds of it, those of you that did last Saturday’s wod fared a little better after Angie. The rest of us are still having a hard time with full arm extension 😉

Either way, good job on showing up sore either last night or this morning and working super hard at 1RM deadlifts. I cannot believe how many of you posted beautiful looking pr’s. Newbie power couple Andrew and Danica smoothly pulled #425 and #255 respectively!


Over the next couple of days the Rx is rest and get out side and play (and maybe up the fishoils just a touch). We won’t be posting a specific wod on Saturday. For those of you that missed yesterday and today, we warmed up with 8 rounds of tabata sprints (20 second sprint, 10 second rest) if you are feeling motivated. Otherwise have a great weekend and we’ll see you Monday.

Just as an FYI we are doing a round of Foundations starting on Sunday, June 6th. The classes show on the schedule and there are 5 spots remaining if you have any friends or family who are interested. We contacted all 16 people on the waitlist and only 5 spots were taken so there is no longer a waitlist and the last 5 spots are fair game.

I’ll post some updates from Calgary as I have them.


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