Happy Winter Solstice!

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Sorry about the delay in blogging this weekend…we had a couple of busy days galavanting around Squamish to various Christmas dinners/parties… yum.

In case you hadn’t noticed…today is winter solstice. At 9:47 am we will officially start to tilt our way towards the sun again and the days will get a little longer…. thank goodness…seriously.

Great work over the last week… seems like maybe sugar isn’t such a bad fuel for some of you after all. Nice work to everyone that ground out Fran on Friday. It’s a little beast of a workout…. and now you can look forward to it the way I do 😉 .

Jesse and I will be away and the gym will be closed from Thursday (24th) until Sunday afternoon (27th), then closed most of the day on the 1st. On the afternoon of Sunday the 27th Fern will be guest teaching the Foundations 6 and the Open Gym. Otherwise, the holidays are as per usual.

Starting in the new year we are adding another regular morning class at 7:15am. Hopefully this will alleviate some of the congestion that has built up on the schedule with you morning people.

Happy shortest day of the year!!!


p.s. Please drive safely if you are a commuter or traveling over the holidays. The roads have been generally pretty bad and there have been a lot of incidents and a couple of fatalities in the last week on the Sea to Sky.