Happy New Year! (and a bit about pregnancy)

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Happy New Year!

You guys looked fabulous last night! And I have zero pictures to show for it. Thanks to everyone that came out for dinner or drinks. I felt really proud to look around and see such an amazing community looking so sharp. Another great testament to our little family was hearing from a couple of different people that they arrived at dinner not really caring who they ended up sitting with because they would be happy chatting with anyone. That doesn’t happen very often I don’t think. Save the date for next year… we’ll get a bigger venue!

Congrats to everyone who came in for the New Years Football total the last couple of days. You guys came in prepared, motivated and got it done. Lots and lots of PR’s for the gym and for individuals. Feel proud of how you started the New Year given how many people out there are attempting to New Years Resolution some fitness and health into their lives as we speak. Give a good think about where you were at a year ago.

We also have a bunch of people who just had there CFS 1 year anniversary this past month:

Brad W.
(This was the group that actually had the giddi up to get Foundations done immediately before Christmas last year… I quite clearly remember being impressed)

On a completely different topic (sort of)…

Below I have added a link to Parliament CrossFit‘s blog. Our friends Rene and Colleen just opened for business in Ottawa, but also call Squamish home (you may have spotted them with their little girl GG when they have dropped in for a wod). The reason I am bringing this up is that Colleen is a physician as well as a great CrossFitter. She CrossFitted through her pregnancy with GG and continues to do so. With Squamish being the baby factory that it is, and women being as active as they are, Jesse and I do our very best to make sure that the info that we give to you guys is as current and accurate as possible. The topic of exercise and pregnancy (particularly high intensity exercise) is a subject that has many opinions and has changed a lot over the years. Colleen is one of several doctors that we have consulted about CrossFitting through pregnancy, and her thoughts/experience are consistent with the other MDs we have spoken with. Here is a link to a blog entry that Colleen wrote, I hope you find it interesting/helpful.

There is also a really fantastic article on the CrossFit Journal right now called “Working out for two”. If you are planning on having any (or any more) babies in the near future and want to read it you can either subscribe to the journal (well worth it for $25/year), or I can print a copy off for you. There are actually quite a few articles over the years related to pregnancy.


As the baby factory starts to make its way into our CF community, let’s support these gals. If they are doing a particular wod or movement and you are surprised… don’t worry, we (and their MDs) are very aware of what they are up to, and they are doing it because they feel good enough that day to do it! They are fit and strong and are motivated to have really healthy pregnancies and births (as another side note, there is some interesting research coming out about the high level of development of babies of CrossFitting moms).


And…. just to remind you… if you do find out that you are pregnant we do need to know right away (in confidence of course) so that we can make the appropriate modifications.

On that note… go drink some New Year’s Champagne!


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