Happy Hallowe’en

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Kat and John’s neon super baby prepped for a serious night of candy collecting.


Thanks to Anne for hosting the party last night, Amber for excellent play by play announcing when Twister came out, and Jen who’s hat provided everyone with treats later in the evening.

Here are a couple of reminders for the week ahead:

The Bison arrives tomorrow at 5PM ish.

This Thursday night and Friday mornings classes will be the same, so if you signed up for both days you may wish to rethink that.

This Monday marks the first official day of Movember, so shave up boys and lets do our best. What’s this Movember you speak of? Really, you don’t know? Well…

If your reason not to grow a moustache is you’re not allowed because of work, that’s ok. Nobody should lose there job over a moustache. If your reason you’re not allowed to grow a moustache is because your wife/girlfriend/partner won’t let you… well, of course they won’t, that’s part of Movember (try using the raising money for a good cause line)… didn’t work?… it didn’t work for me either. Try: “Everyone else is doing it”. Still nothing, that’s a hard nut to crack. You have 24 hours to shave and get started, keep badgering.