Happy Easter

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Great effort on yesterday’s games wod you guys. Toes to bar were definitely the crux for most people but I think we had a higher success rate with them than we usually do with knees to elbows (big surprise though given the size of an elbow target with a knee cap vs. any part of your foot to a long bar). Good job to those of you who stepped it up on the weight of your power cleans. The volume of grunting in the gym said it all. Tanya wins though 😉

Thanks to everyone yesterday morning for helping to keep things running smoothly…it was a busy morning of very full classes with lots of people to be judged! My apologies to the newbies in the a.m classes who got thrown in the fire with a “here is a light bar, do your best on the cleans” while I had to judge the games competitors. You did great, and we promise you more attention next time it comes up!

There is not much other news for the weekend except that there is a slight tweak to Monday’s class schedule because of the holiday. I will be teaching Jesse’s morning classes since he is away and the 8:15am is canceled. Mike is also busy and so Steve will be coming down to teach the three evening classes while I am in clinic. The 7:45pm is canceled that day and we are running a Foundations 1. Thanks for all your referrals…. it filled up fast!

And here is your badass mama of the day photo….

A fashion icon really.

Have a great long weekend!