Happy 5th Birthday CrossFit Squamish Community!!

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iphone-5-birthday-640x480 6 Years ago Jesse and I created a vision for CrossFit Squamish and made a commitment to creating a space to make people happier and healthier. 5 years ago we opened our doors. It’s been an experience that is difficult to describe, and has been more fulfilling than we could have ever imagined. We could never have guessed the depth of the community that has formed. When we were in Ontario a few weeks ago we visited my old summer camp that just had it’s 90th anniversary. The walls oozed with history and culture. It made us realize that CFS is still in it’s infancy, and its hard to imagine the culture that will continue to establish over the next 10, 25, 50 or more years 🙂

Thank you to everyone (past or current) who has ever been a part of our community or spent time in our gym. The essence of our CFS culture is made up of the efforts and emotions you have left in our space.

Here are this month’s anniversaries:

5 YEARS… that is an amazing commitment. Give them a high five and a sincere congratulations 🙂

* Krista
* Hitman Sr.
* Jamie P.
* Mike
* Jen W.
* Matt K. (though he became full time with us in the new year)


There were no Foundations that month 🙂


* Kathy
* Devon
* Fury


* Nic
* Robyn H.
* Fraser


* Dan
* Patrick