Happy 4 Year Birthday CrossFit Squamish

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CrossFit Squamish (October 17th, 2009-March 31, 2013)

CrossFit Squamish (April 1, 2013- hopefully a really really long time from now)

Today is the exact date that we opened 4 years ago. Now that I put these pics side by side I realize that the size is different but they have the same “feel”. Over breakfast this morning Jesse and I were thinking about where we have come from and remembering what it was like in the first year. Who we are and the character of the gym hasn’t changed all that much, but the way we have grown and the depth of what goes on inside our doors makes us feel really proud of how the community has evolved… the athletes and our amazing coaches. We can think back to our vision of CrossFit Squamish and what we hoped to build it into and realize that if 4 years ago someone could have shown us a snap shot of today it would have blown our minds (and totally relieved our stress). Yesterday’s board game wod, simple and inclusive, really exposed your true character (or alter egos), your enthusiasm for the gym environment, and your willingness to participate and fully engage in whatever it is that is going on behind the red door on any given day (I can’t decide if we have just totally attracted our own type of people or if somehow we have molded you into weird costume wearing nuts). We are so crazy appreciative of every single one of you and what your bring to the community. You make our lives and work very fulfilling, and we really truly with all our hearts love what we do. Thank you.

On that note, its time to recognize this months anniversaries:

4 YEAR… that’s a long time people… make sure to congratulate them 🙂

* Krista
* Jenn (but really only for Foundations 1, left her boots behind for a month, and then re-appeared 6 months later to stay for good!)
* Hitman Sr.
* Soraya
* Jamie P. (also with a hiatus somewhere in the middle of the three years!)
* Mike
* Jen W.
* Matt (though he became full time with us in the new year)


None! There were no Foundations that month 🙂


* Kathy
* Devon
* Fury


* Nic
* Robyn H.
* Kim
* Fraser

Just so you know…. we literally started planning the 5 year gym birthday party yesterday over lunch….