Hang Power Clean

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Did you feel like learning the Hang Power Clean today felt a little like this?

Hopefully not. But here is a quick review anyways, as well as a great demo from the main site (Hang Power Clean).


Set up
Stance: heels under the hips, feet turned out on a slight angle
Grip: thumbs off the hips + a knuckle width. Hook grip (as per all Olympic lifts) meaning thumbs between fingers and bar
Elbows slightly out

1. Dip/Drive to Shoulder Shrug

2. Dip/Drive, Shoulder Shrug, Scarecrow (elbows high and outside)

3. Muscle Clean: remember to keep it close to the chest and move those elbows fast. Grip can open up to allow for a better receiving position (elbows high and infront)

4. Clean Land: with the bar in the receiving position dip/drive and land in a shallow squat. Don’t let those feet get to far out, and be aware the bar is going to drop on you a little.

5. Clean Drop (in this case still keeping to a shallow squat): same a Clean Lands but with no dip/drive. Mind those feet.

6. Hang Power Clean: Don’t forget the shrug and be fast with those elbows.

Great work on Cindy today. Shout out to Mike who was the first new person to be able to get it done as RX’d (prescribed).