Halloween, Time Change, and a Growing Gym

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Happy Halloween!

Last night we had a tiny little halloween party after the evening class. Thanks to you guys who brought delicious food to eat and helped us stuff our faces. The evening class was another story in itself. Sometimes I have moments when I think “if aliens were studying human behaviour….they would be quite perplexed by this” (movie theaters are a good example). Pardon the tangent…. but last nights Zombie warm-up involving a random ghost was definitely one of these moments. The thing I love about CrossFitters is that you guys can be coerced into practically anything if its presented it as a “this will improve your fitness” activity.


There are a ton of people going through Foundations right now! A few have just finished all 6 and a bunch more are 1 or 2 away. We are really really impressed with the energy, effort and quality of movement that we are seeing from all the new people. We know you guys are feeling pretty sore. Just know that you’re not alone and that it’s a great sign of changes to come! Drink lots of water and keep moving…

And.. an extra hour of sleep tonight. I know I know, everyone already knows that…well, there is ALWAYS someone who seems to miss the memo…so… if it was you, now you know. (and now you won’t be penalized by doing two workouts if you show up to class an hour early tomorrow).