Guest Speaker: Physio Marnie Tocheniuk- The Pelvic Floor and Training!

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We are happy to announce that pelvic floor physio Marnie Tocheniuk will be coming into the CFS clinic as a guest speaker to talk with us about all things pelvic floor and how it relates to training.   This session is designed to educate everyone about how to properly engage their pelvic floor while training, and to detect the warning signs that it isn’t firing well or is over firing.  The info provided is not just designed for women who have had children, or even women in general.  This piece of performance is as important for men as it is for women.

Marnie will chat about the role of the primary core system (TA, pelvic floor, diaphragm, mulitfidus) and why it is important that this system can fire effectively before the larger midline muscles fire, especially with weight training and CrossFit.  She will also touch on some reasons it may not fire correctly even though there may be no symptoms of dysfunction at this time.

Marnie will bring the real time ultrasound machine so some of you can actually see if they can activate these muscles or not (time and number of attendees dependent!).
Any CFS athletes can sign up on Mindbody for this free session if you are interested in coming so we can get a sense of numbers.  Please also email me if there is anything you would like covered in this session that you may not want to ask in front of the group 🙂