Guest Speaker on re-Training the Pelvic Floor: Angela Simpson

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On Sunday, December 4th @ 6:30pm physiotherapist Angela Simpson will be coming to the gym to do an information session for anyone interested in learning about how and why to train/re-train the pelvic floor following injury or pregnancy. She is offering to do this session for us at no cost. This is a really great opportunity and may be a missing link for a few of you. Please sign up on Mindbody if you are interested. Here is a little about what she will address:

Are you interested in learning how to contract your pelvic floor muscles after having a baby, and/or a low back/ pelvis injury? Studies show that 62% of people with low back and pelvis pain are not able to contract these muscles properly. These muscles are very important for protecting the low back and pelvis from injury by stabilizing the spine. They also help to hold the pelvic organs and abdominal organs in place, as well as controlling continence. After having an injury to your low back or pelvis, or after having a baby, these muscles do not function the same way they once did…. they need to be re-trained. If these muscles do not function properly during sporting activities, such as running, jumping, skipping rope etc., low back and pelvis pain, and even leaking of urine are all likely possibilites. If you want to learn how to contract your pelvic floor muscles properly, and protect your low back with exercise, and prevent yourself from any possibility of leaking, you should attend this seminar. It will provide you with specific details on how get your pelvic floor muscles functioning properly, so that you can enjoy your sport to the maximum!

I am a Physiotherapist with a special interest in low back and pelvic girdle pain, as well as pelvic floor health. I will provide education about the importance of pelvic floor health, and specific guidelines on how to use the pelvic floor muscles correctly during CrossFit, and/or any other physical activities you enjoy doing to help you achieve better overall function with your sports.” -Angela Simpson

Let’s consider this a gym experiment to see if we can decrease the incidence of peed pants? 😉