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The icing on the cake….


We had our first official class this morning at 6:30 am! And we are only 3 days away from the Grand Opening BBQ (and only 2 days past the official end of eternal summer/BBQ season).

Here are some things you should know about this weekend:

1. There is a free Foundations 1 for new people at 2:00pm right before the BBQ starts.
2. Our opening is from 3-7pm. Show up any time.
3. We will be BBQing snacks for you.
4. Bring something to drink, I should probably say bring something to “hydrate with” here (and keep in mind this is our first exposure to the community and that we are a gym, not a licensed venue!)
5. On that note, for anyone who is interested we will go to the Brew Pub downtown after and have some drinks.
6. If you are interested in doing a little fitness challenge have some workout clothes with you and we’ll go from there.
7. Bring anyone you want as this is an open event.
8. Parking is all along the east side of the building and the back east corner. There is overflow along the outer edges of the parking lot (that will make sense when you see it). Please be mindful of any large trucks that maybe in the area.

It has been a crazy month in this space prepping it. Its all for you so come and enjoy it!

Heather & Jesse

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