Good Weather and Half Marathon

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This was posted earlier in the week on .com. It’s worth a read. Brian Mackenzie is the man behind CrossFit Endurance and after the half marathon yesterday I would thank him for introducing me to and helping be become a competent coach of running mechanics. I feel that without good mechanics it would have been a much more uncomfortable race with a less favourable outcome and today I would probably have been hating life. Instead, I had a great race. It was a fun but hilly course. I placed 23/75 in the 30-39 age group and 76th/725 with a time of 1:38:38. Better than that is today I feel great; tight calves, but hammies, quads, hip flexors, and all joints are good to go. Mandy, Negar, and Felicity all had a very successful day as well with each of them coming up a couple minutes faster than their goals. CrossFit Squamish, Booya!


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