Glacier Valley Farms

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Lesley just sent this to me this morning: “Glacier Valley Farm is a pasture-based, local-market farm tucked away in the Squamish Valley in British Columbia. Owned and operated by local farmers Steve Moir and Cory Balano, Glacier Valley Farm provides pasture-raised products including eggs, chicken, pork and lamb to local retailers and individuals in the Sea-to-Sky Corridor”

Currently they are done with lamb until the spring, but it’s available at Nesters along with their pork (early/mid Dec), and their eggs. So, if you’re keen let’s get a group order together.

Get on their website, pick out what you’d like, write it down, and bring it in to us. If all orders are in by 10:30 Friday Nov. 26th, I’ll order it that afternoon. Delivery for early the following week.

Note: if you haven’t ever had a farm raised whole chicken it will blow your mind. It’s really easy to cook and lasts 2 people a couple meals.

Also: When I talked to them they mentioned that in 2011 they’re looking at getting a herd of beef as well.

The video below is a presentation by Eric Schlosser to Princeton University in 2006. Eric Schlosser wrote Fast Food Nation back in 2001 which was the first book I had read at the time that was about food, but not about performance and diet. It caused me to seriously evaluate the quality of the food I was consuming and remains a motivation not only to eat well but know where my food comes from. I’d recommend listening to the video from 28:18 to 1:11:30 (yes I realize that it’s longer than 3-4minutes and not funny, put it on and get into that knitting project you’ve been waiting to start). Trust me, you will not regret the time.

You should be as proud of the quality of food you and your family eat as you are about your cloths, car, house, or TV.