Getting to the Gym on Saturday Through 7000 Riders

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This weekend is the GranFondo and like last year, we will see a major disruption to the flow of traffic across Hwy 99 in the morning. The updated details are described in the Pique article here though it sounds like the time that the Hwy is actually closed to East-West vehicle traffic has been reduced from 3 to 2 hours from 8:45am-10:45am. You can still ride your bike or walk across when gaps are available and its going to be an amazing day on Saturday so that’s probably your best bet. Last year it didn’t seem to affect the flow to the gym too badly. People just seemed to plan to be out for the whole morning and went for breakfast or to the Farmer’s Market after class.

Make sure to double check your schedule too as this is the first weekend that the kiddies are slotted into the morning and the new adult class times! If you are coming to your class a little early, or planning on staying after to stretch a bit, know that you will have to be outside the “parent fence” 🙂