Games Update

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With just 1 WOD left, this coming weekend marks the end of the CrossFit Opens. From here, the top 60 men, 60 women, and 30 teams will move forward to the Regionals. It’s been an exciting 5 weeks and it only gets crazier. I spent Thursday with Dave and Chris walking through the Richmond Oval and talking over the event. No, I have no idea what the WODs are, but from hanging out with them and the Reebok rep at the Oval I can definitely tell you it’s going to be effin’ sweet. 3 days of competition (April 27th-29th), the venue is BA, the competition is stiffer than ever, and it all goes down in our backyard. I’m hoping that we can roll a large number of us down there in one capacity or another to support Steve and engage with the Western Canada community. Having been involved last year with Regionals, and having hosted Sectionals the year prior, it really is something both unique and exciting. I would encourage any and all interested to volunteer some time if your keen, you’ll end up meeting a ton of people who are as stoked as you are and you’ll get a much more “part of it” feel. To volunteer click the link and fill out a profile. Funnest..Eveeer!