G is for Gymnastics.

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I am writing to you now with my arms slumped onto the armrests of the computer chair. I just got back from the CrossFit Gymnastics Certification in Vancouver. It was nice to be close to home for a cert and sleep in my own bed. This weekend felt like extended strenuous gym time (in a good way) and we covered a large variety of movements. Day 1 was spent “warming up” in ways that reminded me how much I have been neglecting my hamstring stretches, and then we played on the rings for the remainder of the day. We did front levers and back levers and iron cross progressions and ring dips. I think I spent as much time on the rings yesterday as I have in my entire CrossFit career combined. Today we did muscle up progressions and pullups and handstands and more handstands and handstand pushups and handstand variations and more handstands. Jeff Tucker is an amazing coach from GSX Athletics in Texas, and his years of experience and great sense of humor made all of our efforts and blunders quite enjoyable. I definitely laughed (and got laughed at) a lot this weekend (I would highly recommend all people attempting to learn gymnastics movements as an adult have a good sense of humor about it).

All that said, I gathered some really great progressions for executing some of the really challenging gymnastic movements that creep up in CrossFit quite a lot and I’m absolutely going to share them (I promise to laugh with you and not at you). My favourite is the “contraption” that helps with handstand pushups. My other new favourite is the back lever on the rings. We will go through a lot of these movements in the next little while, but feel free to ask me about any you are curious about in the meantime.

Sleep well!