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Now that we have wrapped up the sectional, we have realized that it’s time to start planning our wedding. The date has been set for September 11th for a while now but we haven’t exactly been talking about it because of how much other stuff has been going on.

The wedding is going to be a non-traditional wedding/pig roast/bonfire/camping weekend at Jesse’s farm in Armstrong in the Okanagan. When we sat down to create our invite list of friends and family we realized that most of you have become a rare breed of friend/family to us (is it that we see each other 5 days a week??!). And our goal for the weekend is to have all the great people in our lives together in one place.

So that said, we would like to extend our invitation to you to come hang out with us that weekend. (If you are reading this and thinking “this is weird, I just finished Foundations last week”, don’t worry, we aren’t trying to be weird….we just figure it can be up to you guys whether or not you would like to join us! Take it as a good sign of the type of relationships we build in our little gym!).

Here is a link to our wedding website with all the relevant details. It has a password on it which we will post on the cork board at the back of the gym above the T-shirts. FYI you guys can post other community related stuff up there too if you want.

Heather & Jesse

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