Friday’s CrossFit Total

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I think its safe to say that yesterday was a learning experience! For most of you, it was your first ever CrossFit Total and you realized how much strategy actually goes into figuring out what to try and lift. Thanks to those of you who have done one before for helping out all the newbies with their math and strategy.

We noticed for a lot of you that it was also the first time that you realized that a lift can take FOREVER to complete and its not actually over until its really and truly over. Thanks for cheering each other on in some of those moments. I’m glad that you guys got to see some of the truly flattering facial expressions that only Jesse and I usually see!

Our comment last night was that we are glad the first Total is out of the way… its a great landmark in your CrossFitting world.

Congrats to those of you who hit new PRs (especially if it was by accident and 20 Ibs more than you thought)!


p.s. Check out the differences in the 3 classes handwriting organization above…… There could be some good personality assessment based on time of day there…. (Graphology is the study of hand writing)
Random fact: Graphotherapy
This is the practice of changing a person’s handwriting with the goal of changing features of his or her personality.