Friday updates

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1. If you are purchasing an autorenewing membership online…. please make sure you choose your activation date on the first screen (ie check to see when your current one runs out and make it the day after that) as I am not able to change the activation date once you have set it up. This has nothing to do with the HST thing and more to do with people’s passes not lining up properly. If you are purchasing a regular membership online, it won’t seem like it has been activated to the right day but the system autocorrects it when the old one runs out. Keep an eye on it and let me know if anything weird happens.

2. Consensus seems to be go for a pre-BBQ ride around 3 tomorrow. We will discuss meeting place etc either in tonight’s classes or first thing tomorrow and then post here….or go ahead and post here now if you have a good suggestion… plan is to ride half nelson. Seems like there are a lot of people claiming to be “the worst mountain biker ever”, so chances are you aren’t, and you should stop worrying about it and come along. (see a theme between my attitude about today’s wod and tomorrow ride?)

3. Guys can also post to comments regarding meeting times… I think Chris may have put directions in a previous comment section.

Have a great Friday!


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