Friday Sept. 10th 2010

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We’ve made it to Armstrong and things are as crazy as you might imagine. Mama has managed to make it through the whole day with her pants on backwards (which is an impressive feat given that they’re jeans). It’s now been 30 hours since first contact (Heather’s and my family). So far so good. We’ve made it though day 1 of feasting (not so Paleo, but very delicous) and I’ve managed to establish an internet connection (though it took several tries). Dial up, who knew?

Warm up:

Air Squat
Walking Lunge
Backwards Lunge
Handstand Practice


1min Unbroken Handstand
note: believe it or not the bull held it for the full minute


AMRAP in 5min of:

10 Games Push-ups (hands off the floor at the bottom)
20 Standing Lunge

Finish with a single attempt max duration Handstand

-post to comments total reps and length of Handstand

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