Friday Oct. 23rd

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It’s been 7 hours, and 15 days… We’ll actually it’s been 8 days and change. With somewhere around 80 visits not counting the grand opening. Can you name that song lyric? If you can’t that’s probably good news. The gym population continues to grow rapidly, and classes are mixed with all types of people. This week we’ve seen: new moms, experienced moms, the military, a real estate agent, a pilot, an adventure racer, some students, some runners, some climbers, some men, lots of women, friends, family, and CrossFitters from other places. Some people are getting close to finishing their Foundations classes which is very exciting and some people are getting ready to take their first Foundations tomorrow morning (also very exciting). The point is: we’re stoked. Last month when we were in the thick of construction, and working to get the doors open we could only have hoped for the quality of people that are now showing up regularly. Thank you all, and we look forward to a great winter!