Friday Oct. 1st 2010

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The CrossFit/USAW Open began this morning. For those interested in catching some of the live action here’s the link:

CrossFit Live

Saturday’s Schedule:

Women 63Kg/69Kg: weigh in at 09:30, lift at 11:30 (this includes Heather Bergeron and Kristan Clever)
Men 77Kg: weigh in at 07:00, lift at 09:00
Men 85Kg: weigh in at 12:00, lift at 2:00 (this includes Josh Everett, Rich Froning, and James Hobart)
Men 94Kg: weigh in at 2:30, lift at 4:30 (this includes Cody Burgener and DJ Wickham)

Sunday’s Schedule:

Women 75Kg: weigh in at 09:00, lift at 11:00
Men 105Kg/105+Kg: weigh in at 12:00, lift at 2:00

For the full lifting schedule click here.

All other info can be found on either the CrossFit Games site, or the USAW site.

Check it out.


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