Friday, March 11, 2011

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I just wrote November in the title by accident…. bad sign, but can you blame me really??

Just a little update about our mobility wod challenge…. turns out we are a bit keen and somehow managed to get a day ahead of ourselves. Makes more sense now why the postings have been so late in the day. On March 7th there were two postings in the same day which is where the confusion started!

So….to fix it all… do yesterday’s (calf torture) again today, and then tomorrow do #195. Good? The gold stars have been flying off the shelf and we are off to an impressive start.

On an unrelated topic, we stumbled across a video that nicely reflects our perspective of the pullups chalk “situation” that often arises…. regardless of how accidental you claim it was…. long legs and/or flailing legs are not good excuses for poor placement of the chalk bucket or stepping on your favourite lump of chalk.

It’s all in the perspective…

Your caring but often stern coaches/janitors Heather & Jesse

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