Food Group 2.1

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As we wrap up Food Group 2.0 we’re going to jump right into Food Group 2.1!

Who we recommend it to: Anyone who’s keen to make changes to their diet with the intention of positively affecting their health and performance (this can include weight loss, weight gain, but must include performance, health, and how you feel as priorities)

Requirements: current CrossFit Squamish athlete

Spots available: 12 (no extra spots will be added)

Duration: 5 weeks

Cost: $60

What will be covered:
-Each person will be provided with a base meal plan each week. The athlete will learn how to tailor this program to suit their goals and will be held accountable each week for their success.
-The athlete will learn how to make good choices and adjustments on the fly and be able to justify those choices.
-Athletes will learn how to time and manage their pre and post workout foods and supplements.

-All pre course material (online articles and videos) must be read/watched before day 1.
-Athlete will food log for the 5 weeks. Athlete will be able to set aside the time required to prepare food and eat. A laptop will be a valuable asset as we’ll work off Google Docs.
-Athlete will follow the plan each week that they helped build and be accountable for their food. Your payment gets you in, but only your effort will see you finish.

Meeting dates:
Sunday March 23rd 7:00 (at the gym)
Thursday April 3rd 7:30 (at the gym)
Thursday April 10th 7:30 (at the gym)
Thursday April 17th 7:30 (at the gym)
Wednesday April 23rd 7:30 (at the gym)
Thursday May 1st (individual meetings)

How do I sign up:
1. Go to Mindbody and sign into the Food Group class on March 23rd.
2. Go to Mindbody and under Services – Extra Programming – you’ll find Food Group
3. Purchase (but don’t purchase this if there isn’t room in the class anymore, we won’t bump the class number just because you bought one)