Food Group 15.2

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Hello all,

It’s time to get one more Food Group in before the end of 2015 (and before the Christmas Party on the 12th!).

Here’s what you need to know (plus a little you don’t):

*This is for people who are serious about making changes to their way of eating and have goals attached to that (performance, health, or weight loss).

*If you’ve participated before you can participate again.

*This will be a strict Paleo prescription with a weigh and measure attached so we can keep data and make changes based on facts and numbers not feelings.

*Prior to our first weekly meeting you will be required to read a number of articles and watch a bunch of online videos. You will also read a book during the 5 week process. This will require time that you will need to be able to commit to the plan.

*For the weeks that follow our first meeting you will be required to eat under the guidelines of the Food Group and keep a food log (results are only as good as they are measurable, observable, and repeatable). A meal plan for each week will be provided.

*After our first meeting we will meet another 4 times (once each week) as we introduce new components and check in on how the last week went.

*Our last meeting will be a potluck.

*This is also not by any means something you should feel forced into, if you feel like:

-it’s not for you

-you’re too busy

-you already have a great diet

-how could the food pyramid possibly be leading you astray?


No worries, you’re all good. I have no intention of spending the time we’ve got “selling you” on what you’re up to, or dragging you through the process.

*IF, you can’t even believe that someone is willing to help you out for five weeks of nutrition with the sole intention of making you more awesome! Then let’s do this!



*Register on Mindbody if you would like to participate and I will send you the reading list and all the info you require. Once 12 spots are filled no more people will be added and there won’t be a wait list.

– Click on the first class next Wednesday the 11th, purchase “Food Group 15.2” under CrossFit classes.

*** make sure you have a spot before you purchase the food group pass!

*Cost: $75.00.

*I want your absolute best efforts for 5 weeks, nothing more, nothing less.

*Start date: 7:00PM Wednesday, Nov. 11th 2015.

*Last meeting: 7:00PM Wednesday Dec. 9th 2015

*Meeting Place: CrossFit Squamish.

*Food Group Facts (From the Jesse Bifano book of science and knowledge):

-66 people from CrossFit Squamish have participated since our first go around in July of 2011.

-Participants who’s motives have been to lose weight have lost an average of 8-20 pounds in the 5 weeks.

-Everyone learns.

-No one has regretted participating (or they just haven’t said that to me *shrug*).

-Less than 5 people have made reasonable threats on my life during this 5 week period.

-Only 1 person has accused me of ruining their life*.

*she later retracted her claim.

– Jesse